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Salmonella -   

    This page contains links to scientific data and methods related to the treatment and overall health and care of the turtles we raise here at the Concordia Turtle Farm.  The majority of the published findings cover techniques, studies and research (much of it conducted here at our farm) used to eradicate salmonella in captive bred hatchling turtles. Concordia Turtle Farm has been an advocate for and a dedicate active participant in these research projects, past, present and future, since 1968.  They have been developed to improve the  health and care of farm raised turtles, increase awareness and inform the public regarding the safety of these wonderful reptiles.  These published research documents require Adobe's Acrobat Reader (click here) to view.  Many of these field research projects were conducted by the late Dr. Ron Siebeling at this farm we are both honored and proud to have known and worked closely with this wonderful and intelligent man.  There are current research projects continuing at Louisiana State University under Dr. Mark Mitchell and we will be posting more information from him directly in the coming weeks.

First Reports on Baquacil - (submitted 2004), Dr. Mark Mitchell

Eradication of Salmonella and Arizona Species from Turtle Hatchlings Produced from Eggs Treated at our Farm (1984).

Eradication of Arizona hinshawii from Artificially Infected Turtle Eggs (1982).

Treatment Methods of Salmonella-Arizona Infected Turtle Eggs with Terramycin and Chloromycetin by the Temperature Differential Egg Dip Method (1975).

Evaluation of Methods for the Isolation of Salmonella and Arizona Organisms from Pet Turtles Treated with Antimicrobial Agents (1974)

Identification of Genetic Loci Required for Capsular Expression in Vibrio vulnificus.  Amy B. Smith* and Dr. Ronald J. Siebeling

Other Publications by Dr. Ronal J. Siebeling.

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