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Concordia Turtle Farm to be Site of TV Documentary!

    That's Right!  Killer Instinct with Rob Bredl and his accompaniment has recently visited Concordia Turtle Farm to film a documentary that will be airing internationally on the Outdoor Life Network, UK Horizon and Discovery Channels.

    Rob has become famous as the Barefoot Bushman and continues to enlighten the uninitiated in the "ways of the wild".  The rest of the crew are pretty darn good "blokes" as well... the shooting crew includes

Presenter: Rob Bredl
Vic Martin
Producer/Co-Director: Gary Gibson
Soundman: Ian Dwyer.

    Everyone here at the farm had a wonderful time working with the production team over a 4 day period.  We had all sorts of visitors from the surrounding  area that wanted to meet the boys from Australia, especially "The Barefoot Bushman" himself.  Several of our local media showed up as well including the good folks of the Natchez Democrat and the Catahoula News.  Simply click on a thumbnail below to view a larger version of the image.

Rob Bredl and one of our "Locals" - an Alligator Snapper!

Rob and Davey Evans who guided Rob

Ben "Earl" King checks the authenticity of Rob's "Barefoot" Status

Yep, he's barefoot alright!

Jesse Evans, Owner and a new "old" friend

Davey and Rob Head to the "black lagoon"

Davey and Rob on their Louisiana "Bushtucker"

Rob, Mr. Jesse and Miss Avis, greeting local youngsters.

Another daily lunch spread at the farm, courtesy of Miss Avis.

A sweet kiss from another "black lagoon" local.

Louisiana is my kind of place mate!

Rob, Jesse, Davey and film crew.

He's got quite a grip doesn't he?

2 Very Similar Bushmen from Very Different Worlds!

"Bushing" all day is exhausting work...

But it has it's perks!

        We sincerely hope you enjoy meeting these great fellows at our website and hope that you visit theirs.