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We supply our customers, both foreign and domestic, with the highest quality turtles available.  They are laboratory tested for salmonella and certified free from all diseases.  Our farm is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry.  With millions of hatchling turtles coming through our farm every year we follow the Siebeling method of treating our eggs to produce "salmonella free" turtles (see below). 

The photographs below, show the process that is involved in raising and treating our turtles to make sure that each turtle is "Salmonella Free", using the "Siebeling Method".  Click on an image to make it larger.

The adult breeding turtles are fed a 28% pure protein floating pellet turtle feed once daily.

Aerators are used to maintain a high quality of oxygenated water in the ponds.

Eggs are then gathered by hand daily, during the months of April thru July.

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