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Here is where you'll find photos of the different species of turtles that we currently breed here, most are exported while some are raised to 4" to be sold here in the United States.  Listed also are the common names as well as scientific names.  Simply click the picture you want to see and you'll be directed to the larger version of the image, once there, simply click your browser's back button to return here.  To See our specialty or more "uncommon" turtles, click the specialty links at the left or click through the "next" buttons at the bottom..


Alligator Snapper (macroclemys temminickii)

Black Knobbed (graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda)

Common Musk (sternotherus oderatus)

Common Snapper (chelydra serpentina)

Cumberland (trachemys scripta troosti)

Eastern Spiny Softshell (apalone spinifera spinifera)

Mississippi Map (graptemys kohnii)

Peninsula Cooter (pseudemys floridana peninsularis)

Razorback Musk (sternotherus carinatus)

Red-Eared Slider (trachemys scripta elegans)

Western Paint (chrysemys picta bellii)

Yellowbelly Slider (trachemys scripta scripta)

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