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This is where you'll find our "not so common" turtles.  They include everything from an albino to a pastel to, even, a two headed turtle.  Some of these are so rare that we may only hatch one in almost 2 million.

2 Headed Red Eared Slider (pseudemys scripta elegans)

Florida Red Belly Pastel (pseudemys nelsoni)

Mississippi Map Leucistic (graptemys kohnii)

Northern Red Belly (pseudemys rubriventris rubriventris)

Peninsula Cooter Pastel (pseudemys floridana peninsularis)

Red Eared Slider Leucistic (pseudemys scripta elegans)

Red Eared Slider Pastel 2 (pseudemys scripta elegans)

Red Eared Slider Pastel 3 (pseudemys scripta elegans)

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