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This is Phil and Lil.  This is one of the rarest specimens that we have had at our farm.  We are pleased to note that they are happy and thriving and are well taken care of.

Phil And Lil - our Mississippi Map Siamese (graptemys kohnii)

This phenomenon is very rare, happening only once in about 1,000,000 hatchlings.

Phil And Lil - top (graptemys kohnii)

Mississippi Map (graptemys kohnii) 3way plastron

(graptemys kohnii) - They have 6 legs 4 front (2 per head) and jointly share 2 rear legs as well as 2 tails.

Mississippi Map Siamese (graptemys kohnii) head shot. They both have similar markings on their head.

Phil And Lil - our Mississippi Map Siamese (graptemys kohnii). Both heads eat, albeit they don't always agree on which piece of food to go after

They are growing at a normal rate.

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